Mouse Jamboree

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Children will be immediately drawn to Mary Kaye’s appealing, strong, and rich voice. The unique sound of the keyboard adds texture to the upbeat guitar and the well-harmonized vocals…Kaye’s sensitive lyrics reflect her understanding of the world from a child’s point of view. Instead of asking the rain to go away in Rain, she invites it to stay, so she can splash around the neighborhood and dance in the rainbow. The subjects of the songs are everyday realities, such as sitting by the heating vent to “warm my fingers and toesies!” Kaye has a real knack for turning ordinary topics into clever ditties.
- Booklist

A folksy mom sings of simple childhood pleasures while breathing life into characters like Thumbelina. It’s a great CD not to be missed by you.
- Parenting Magazine

A great addition to any library’s collection of music for children.
- School Library Journal

…Kaye’s lyrics reflect a mom who closely observes her children’s interests. Reminiscent of Jonathan Richman’s sensibility, Kaye writes about the simple pleasures of hole-digging or sitting by the heater. Other songs tell magical tales of elves, unicorns, and tooth fairies…Kaye’s whimsical perspective offers a Thumbelina’s eye-view account in a song that allows little listeners to see the world through teeny tiny eyes and consider a life in which “a blade of grass is like a tree.” Bringing yet another classic book to musical life, she sings about a scared, but daring mountain-climbing train without actually mentioning “The Little Engine That Could.” The Library Book wittily recounts the tale of a rare and cherished book that the singer and her kids have checked out of the library over and over again. This song can help parents get their own kids psyched for a library visit or talk about the wonder of the library system. With Kaye’s well-crafted lyrics you can almost feel the dog-eared pages. Kaye’s rich warm music is something that, like the beloved library book, families will want to play again and again.
- Common Sense Media, 5 out of 5 stars

…How can somebody make dirt sound interesting? The Southern Maine-based Mary Kaye has discovered the secret. Catchy guitar riffs, keyboards and peppy vocals and lyrics that explore worms under foot, mud pies, treasure and a fast-paced string of “Dig! Dig! Dig-a-dig-a! Dig! Dig!” lines that will stay in your mind and keep pace with your tapping feet long after the CD has been turned off…The title song, track No. 4, forces feet to tap and made this reviewer hit the repeat button. While most aren’t a fan of having mice partying in their homes, Mary Kaye makes you want to catch a glimpse of this Mouse Jamboree…Kaye masterfully transitions from the fast-paced opening tracks of dirt, rain and mice, to a much slower and deliberate Thumbelina but she loses none of the intensity…Set aside the fact that families will enjoy this CD for hours, and set aside that Mouse Jamboree will actually have children come away having learned something. I Love You A Million is worth the CD by itself. If parents could voice their feelings for their children as Kaye does, it would go a long way toward eliminating many of the problems in society today. No, the lyrics don’t unlock some great mystery of parenthood, but they are genuine and heartfelt…It’s a simple message that parents don’t tell their children often enough…But that’s only one song. Her other songs deal with being in the middle, dogs, the tooth fairy, the king of elves, the heater, birds, eating. All everyday conversations a parent of a young child might find herself having. And she seems to have a real knack for translating those parent-child moments to song…The Library Book (track 13) is about a beloved book that we check out over and over again…Many parents will relate, and many may find themselves popping the CD into the player even after the children have gone out to play – as I found my wife doing just the other day. Parents might find themselves dancing – at least on the inside.
- The Times Record, Maine

Dr. Toy Smart Play/Smart Toy Product of Excellence; Children’s Music Web Award “Best Toddler CD” and “Best Recording for Preschooler;” Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence; NAPPA Honors.