Spin Your Web

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On this hearty collection of original kids’ songs. Maine-based Kaye lures listeners with a catchy, predominantly folk-rock sound and then introduces them to a crew of distinctive characters via her story-like lyrics. B.B. Dickinson, for example, is the “super girl detective! Magnifying glass…/ Always in her hand” in the song that bears her name. While the music, skillfully performed by 16 musicians from Kaye’s New England neck of the woods, and bright vocals have a globe-spanning sophistication that adults will appreciate, the words here are often great fun. Kaye ably relates the emotions of a child discovering the movements of her shadow or, on the swaying, reggae-esque “Child” a parent’s joyful wishes for “my beautiful child.” Goofy onomatopoeia reigns on “The Skeleton Song,” about a bony Halloween concert, and in the calls of “suey!” on “Pig Party.” And rarely has a kids’ song captured the feelings of boredom and frustration in such an entertaining arrangement as “Waiting.”
- Publishers Weekly, starred review

Maine musician Kaye writes wonderful songs that nail the details of a child’s experience and imagination.
- LA Daily News

…With lovely, warbly vocals that recall Natalie Merchant. Her songs, at once silly and melodious, provide an insider look at kid culture.
- Parenting Magazine

Mary Kaye’s lovely voice spins 13 creative, original songs on this third album… These songs scintillate with variety and pizzazz… This spirited album will be a welcome addition to all library collections for young children.
- School Library Journal

…Creative, uniquely kid-friendly adventure…Mary Kaye quite obviously gets kids, cleverly seeking out the angles that deliver the goods to a child’s world.
- Today’s Parent Toronto

Introducing its young listeners to an entertaining confluence of lyrics and musical rhythm, Spin Your Web, inspires as it stimulates the minds and imaginations of its young listeners.
- Midwest Book Review

Fresh, fun music…Spin Your Web…is one CD you’ll want to have on hand for that four-hour drive to the lake. Kaye’s engaging original songs focus on concepts that interest and entertain children like spiders, shadows, and getting dressed. Her voice is surprisingly rich and earthy…which makes the entire CD a real treat for adults, too…
- Cool Mom Picks

Mary Kaye makes music for children that is just as delightful for parents to hear. She has a very soulful voice which dances along with the quirky and beautiful original children’s songs. Her third album, “Spin Your Web,” is vibrant and life affirming for people of all ages; the music is very fun and vivacious with a strong energy that will have children dancing and their parent’s toes tapping. The title track for the album is about doing what you want to do and being who you are and is quite a beautiful song. “Spider, spin your web, everybody’s got a job to do, if it makes you happy too, go out and do it,” this is an important lesson for children and one that even adults can benefit from. One of the most fun tracks is “Let’s Get Dressed” a fast paced song that will get the morning energy flowing better than two cups of coffee and makes getting dressed fun for the children.
- The Celebrity Café.com

Kaye’s voice is comparable at times to contemporary pop musicians such as Tori Amos or Sarah McLachlan, but I doubt you’d hear either of those ethereal divas singing songs about porcupines, pigs, skeletons, soup or blueberries. Kaye, on the other hand, possesses a childlike demeanor that allows her to infuse songs such as “Waiting, ” and its refrain, “Will We Ever, Ever, Ever Get There?” with the proper amount of whining…Try “Child” as a lullaby, “Pig Party” for a silly word sing-along with toddlers and watch your elementary age students unravel the job descriptions in “Spin Your Web.”
- Palmetto Parent Magazine of South Carolina

Winner of the Publisher’s Weekly Listen Up Awards as one of the best children’s albums of 2006; Dr. Toy Smart Play/Smart Toy Product of Excellence; the Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence; the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award; NAPPA Honors; Creative Child Magazine’s Seal of Excellence; Children’s Music Web Award
- “Best Song for Toddlers and Babies.”