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Mary Kaye And Professor Von Wienerschnitzel…And His Grand Experiment

Children’s music recording artist Mary Kaye and her comic cohort Professor Von Wienerschnitzel (David Kaye) have created this wonderful 50 minute show designed to entertain children and their families. Filled with songs from Mary Kaye’s five CDs, the show also includes juggling, magic and other antics by Professor Von Wienerschnitzel as he pursues his “grand experiment.” With lots of music and laughs, the performance has proven to be a hit with the entire family.

“Mary Kaye’s wildly fun music brings everyone to their feet for a dancing sing-a-long. We brought her back to Prescott Park Arts Festival every summer because the crowds adored her!” — Deborah Lielasus (former) Executive Director, Prescott Park Arts Festival in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

“Mary is as fun and entertaining for adults as she is for kids. Her music is alive and exciting!” — Michael Guptill, Executive Director, Hackmatack Playhouse in Maine

“Mary and Professor von W : Thanks for such a wonderful show! Everything went so smoothly and the kids loved it and were completely engaged from beginning to end. We all had a great time and we’ll be sure to invite you to perform for our annual entertainment series again.” — Sue Godel, South Berwick Children’s Leadership Council

“Mary and David Kaye put on a show that delights and entertains the entire family! They have a fabulous talent to weave music, storytelling and comedy all into one show which captivates audiences and keeps them in smiles the entire time.” — Alexis Dascoulias, Executive Director Maui OnStage in Hawaii

David Kaye

David Kaye (Professor Von Weinerschnitzel) is a professional actor, director and playwright. He has performed for theatre companies across the US, including the Texas Shakespeare Festival, Boston Chamber Repertory Theatre, The National Theater for the Performing Arts, The Theatre at Monmouth as well as the Seacoast Repertory Theatre and the Hackmatack Playhouse. As a playwright, his work has been seen on PBS and his play Rump! The Musical, won the 1998 Zornio Prize, a national theatre for young audiences play writing award. David is a graduate of the MFA professional theatre training program at Brandeis University. David is a professor at the University of New Hampshire where he teaches acting and directing.