Mary’s 5th CD is Today I Was a Cat, available on April 2, 2013.  The songs are: Rolling Down the Hill, Little Ghost, Mr. G.G. Jewel, Underwater Wave Parade, Bus Ride, Bloom, Love Factory, Alligator, Sea Dragon, Today I Was a Cat, Squirrel Footprints, and Statue.

 All Illustrations for the album Today I Was a Cat are by John Klossner.

Mary is extremely honored to have been able to work with with the creative team of Dave D’Aran (producing/bass/electric guitar/keyboards/acoustic guitar/virtual drums/sequencing), Andrew Beale (v-drums/ride cymbal/shaker), Sally Wituszynski (violin/viola/cello/keyboard), Jeff Wituszynski (bassoon/baritone saxophone/tenor saxophone/bass), Ken Godel (double bass), Elijah D’Aran (keyboard), John Klossner (illustrations), Dana White (mastering), Ann Rea (web designer).


Cover of Today I Was a Cat

Love Factory Image

Jewel Cat